Basketball Court

Basketball Court

Customization is our focus when we build your home. For this project, the client wanted a basketball court. We provided an official NBA level basketball flooring system, installed by the same company that did the Toronto Raptors’ practice court. The flooring system is floating, suspended by springs to give the gym floor resilience to high-impact activity. In addition, we provided all commercial grade basketball pads, net and rim sources from our specialty suppliers.

This project was challenging as it required 24-foot ceilings – equivalent to two and a half stories – of interior height, without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the building. With this in mind, we used commercial sized footings and foundation walls, as well as structural beams and custom trusses, fabricated on-site.

The floor mural was custom done by a local specialty artist. The mezzanine is a key design component to the room – and functions as a great area to take breaks or watch games.

The icing on the cake: surround sound Bluetooth speakers to provide the perfect ambiance for the games.



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June 25, 2017