Renovations & Restorations

From small-scale to large, full home renovations, we have experience in all types of projects. Our precise construction management systems and years of experience ensure any renovation or restoration project is completed on time and to budget. As reputable professionals, we ensure that all our projects are compliant to current building code standards. We pride ourselves on our streamlined design and build process to create the most effective execution of all renovation and restoration projects.

The Renovation & Restoration Process


Architectural Drawings and Permits

Design is the first stage of the renovation and restoration process. We can utilize drawings from your designer, or you may use our services to create architectural drawings to establish the shape of your renovation and restoration. Accurate drawings ensure code compliance through city permit clearance. All our projects start this way to ensure proper preparation and accuracy. 


Construction Cost & Financing

Upon design finalization, our estimator will refine a detailed and itemized budget for accurate construction costing. This a crucial component to our unique construction process, as it helps to avoid any surprise costs during the construction process. We provide consulting and tracking of construction financing and can coordinate and align draws to mitigate any project delays from cash flow.



Project Scheduling

Project scheduling is critical to create an accurate timeframe for your renovation or restoration project. We align all three variables to create a comprehensive schedule: construction financing, project budgeting, and project delivery. This allows us to reduce risk during projects and provide accurate timeline for all scale of projects. Accuracy is ensured through the use of computer software and historical data.


Construction Management

Our on-site team is connected through construction systems and all construction data and documents are shared through the cloud to ensure optimal accessibility for all on-site and off-site team members. We pride ourselves on project management systems and services that are collaborative and transparent to give even the most challenging renovation and restoration project an accurate timeline. We stick to your completion timeline and abide by ethical and strategic project management to ensure site safety while providing high-quality construction projects to deadline.

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