Custom Homes

Custom Homes are the way to have total control over your lifestyle. At Orange Design Build we can ensure that your project not only fulfills your needs but meets your budget and timeline. We know what it takes to get a project from conception to occupancy. We're thorough: every step and detail is taken care of by our experienced and competent experts. Large or small, if you can dream it, we can design and build it and you'll have something that's uniquely yours for years to come.

The Custom Home Process


Land Consulting & Acquisition

 Helping you to determine your location, zoning, and land value cost are some of the initial services we offer. We have experience in finding houses for clients in all areas of Ottawa and beyond. We have connections with realtors, planning consultants, architects, and designers, which allows us to stay current on up-and-coming areas of the urban core, as well as prime real estate in more rural areas. Whether you’re working with an architect or designer, or just starting to plan your dream home, we can consult in the early stages to ensure that you get the right plot of land or lot at a good price for your prospective project. 



Project Financing: Construction Financing

We have experience working with financial institutions to structure construction finances for custom homes. Our diligent scheduling will ensure that you get your construction draws when needed for your project. We can manage this aspect of the project for you so you don’t have to worry about timing the finances for the project in accordance with the construction schedule. Daily, weekly, and monthly cost tracking and budget projections will keep things on track and transparent. 


Project Financing: Budgeting

We can provide an extensive and accurate estimated pro-forma budget for your project. This will give you an accurate assessment of the cost – broken down into soft, hard, and overhead costs. It can also be very effective to track the initial construction financing, project management, and construction timeline. 



Site Planning & Zoning

You may have the ideal location, but your custom home project may be complicated by zoning requirements. Don’t let this be a restriction – use our experience to navigate zoning changes, lot severing, and minor variances. We assist all our clients pre-construction in ensuring no complications occur during the permit application and construction processes. Our professional understanding of site planning and zoning principles allows us to confirm the feasibility of your project before you start.


Construction Management

Our firm has strong capabilities in construction management knowledge and systems. Over the past decade, we have perfected our systems on custom homes. This ensures consistent and smooth production of your dream home. We cover all our bases with effective strategies to mitigate any changes in design and potential time delays.

We generally meet with the client on a weekly basis on or offsite to review the progress of the project. We control all aspects of construction – from supply management to WSIB clearance, sub-trade management and insurance, and construction accounting. We will provide a comprehensive construction timeline to ensure your project is completed on time, to deadline.

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