Finding the right land or lot for your custom home takes a lot of research and planning. There are several important variables to consider when looking for land to build a custom home. Finding your ideal location is your first step to building your dream home, and in the current market, building your custom home in Ottawa can be accomplished at a competitive rate. Above all, finding a builder who shares your vision and has experience in building custom homes can ensure your project runs smoothly and is cost-effective.

Find your dream location – and don’t settle

Do you dream of living in the heart of the city? Are you looking to get close to nature in a more rural setting? Location is an important consideration when building a custom home, and something you shouldn’t compromise on. Some may settle on a suburban location to save on cost – only to realize that buying or building a custom home in an urban location isn’t that far out of their budget.
While you may not get as much property for your money in an urban setting, the convenience, culture, less driving and more entertainment options may outweigh the smaller property size – and since you’re designing a custom build, you can customize your property to suit your needs, whatever the size.

If you’re considering a move to the country, it would be similar in cost to purchase a larger plot of land, service it and build a custom home to your liking, rather than build on an existing suburban plot. You shouldn’t compromise on location without first understanding the real cost benefits of your choice in location. An experienced builder will have a good idea of the cost of building in your ideal location. At Orange Design Build, we provide a full turnkey service that begins with helping our clients find the perfect location for their new home build.

Choose your lot shape wisely

The shape of your lot will affect the design and restraints of your custom home. Ensure your potential lot is deep, with enough space in the front, side and rear for your desired home design. You might have to get creative – lot size may be limited by location or budget. Your custom home builder can help you design your ideal home within the restrictions of your lot dimensions. With a little ingenuity, you can often make it work within the space given. At Orange Design Build, we have experience designing clients’ dream homes within the dimensions of their lot.

Understand zoning

Zoning overlay dictates what type and size of building you can have on your lot. In Ottawa, lots vary from residential to full-use commercial – so understanding the zoning for your potential location is key. Zoning outlines any restrictions on the building’s height and setbacks – distances that need to be maintained on the front, rear and side of the building. It can get tricky, as there are many different variations of zoning that create complexity to building allowances. It’s important to hire a dynamic builder who is well-versed in zoning protocol and regulations. At Orange Design Build we have specialists that focus on zoning details prior to design for all types of custom home and multi-unit residential builds.

You might need to apply for a minor variance

You might need to apply for a minor variance to increase yard setbacks or height restrictions. It’s a tedious and potentially costly process, with lots of back-and-forth between the city and your builder. Minor variances are often needed for custom homes and must be resolved before your building permit is issued. That’s why it’s important to hire a builder who’s familiar with your city’s procedures and extensive experience in minor variance applications.

Building your dream custom home is a lengthy and involved process, but it’s worth it. By choosing a location that fits your needs and your vision and hiring an experienced builder, like Orange Design Build, you can see your vision come to life – and you’ll be happy in your new home for years to come.

Have a question about finding the right land or lot for your dream build? Contact us at Orange Design Build!