“Keep it simple” – this is the biggest strength of using a design build approach to your project. Design build is an approach whereby the design and construction of the project are contracted to one entity, like we offer at Orange Design Build. There are several strengths to this approach, namely that it reduces the number of key contract parties from three to two.

Interestingly, this approach to a project isn’t a new concept, although it has risen in popularity in the last few decades. The design build approach is similar to the ‘master builder’ concept, which has been employed for millennia. Unlike traditional contracting, this approach avoids conflicts of interest between the general contractor and designer, as the same party provides the design and construction services. And keeping your project in one team means that your general contractor and designer work together, eliminating potential costly errors. This allows construction projects to be completed in a shorter time frame as construction can be commenced prior to full design.

As an owner or investor this approach is of major benefit: you have one sole point of contact, so if any problems arise during the build, they’re much easier to resolve. You’ll build a solid relationship with your design build firm, which can give you peace of mind. From a costs perspective, the design build approach means that all your costs are calculated in the earliest stages of the project, which means you can plan and helps to avoid any nasty surprises. And with the whole team working as a unit, you can get valuable input from your contractor during the design and planning phases.

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