Interior Glazing

Glazing – the use of glass within your home – can be leveraged to add interest to your interior space. There are many uses of interior glazing for renovations, multi-unit residential, and restorations to give maximum value to your property.



Shower Enclosures

One of the most common uses of interior glazing is in a shower enclosure. Using a glass surround around your shower will create an open concept feel and provide a great shower experience with ample lighting. You can get a multitude of styles and types of glass and tints to match the surrounding design – or stay clear to ensure it keeps with a minimalist design.



Stair Guards

Tempered glass is the glass of choice for staircases and railings. When incorporated into the design thoughtfully, it can add a modern effect – while also ensuring safety. It gives an open feel to staircases and can help to open up the surrounding living space – perfect for small or large spaces.



Glass Doors

Fully glazed doors in custom homes and multi-unit residential housing are costly, but it can be beneficial in many ways. First, glazing often has a better fire rating than hollow core doors. Second, it can reduce the noise transfer from room to room due to its thickness and sealants that surround the door systems. Finally, the fully glazed door system allows you to see into other rooms and bring in natural lighting where there is the potential for a lack of windows.