Let’s talk custom homes! In this blog series, we will address key architectural features of custom homes. In the coming weeks, I’ll address all the key features you can customize in your new build. When planning your project, it’s good to know which details you would like to customize – and what options are available to you. If you know ahead of time that you want floating stairs or a large kitchen island, your builder can plan in advance, help you discover all the options available to you, and stay within your budget. Last-minute change orders can be costly, so by knowing your plan ahead of time, you’ll save time and money.

Pre-planning your custom home can involve going through extensive architectural plans, shop drawings, choosing the materials and of course, factoring in your budget. Your custom home builder should spend the time to go over each element of the design with you and allow you to have input – after all, it is your home! At Orange Build Design, we take the time with each client to ensure that a plan is put in place before the build starts. The result: happy customers with gorgeous, well thought out homes.

Next week we’ll get the ball rolling with a focus on stairs: styles, prices, and installation procedures.